"I contacted Dan at Live Music Consulting last year because I needed a music group to perform at the party for the launch of my website. Dan was extremely helpful. He answered all of my questions and concerns and was very effective in figuring out how to combine our music preferences with the budget we were allotted. The musicians were prompt in their communication and appearance, and they sounded great! They even played some songs by Chicago upon my spontaneous request!"

Bryan Fuller
Webmaster and Analyst, B&H Photo and Video, Web-based Entrepreneur

What is a Performance Referral Network?

50 years ago, music schools trained musicians who were often placed into jobs right out of school. Those who were not were given ample freelancing opportunities through the union. The American Federation of Musicians at that time held meetings that served as hiring halls and networking frenzies during which musicians and contractors would make their presence known in the area. Unions protected musicians, and secured work for them. This enabled Musicians to rely on others for work.

Today, music schools train students to take auditions. As most of you are painfully aware, it is getting harder and harder to win auditions, as significantly fewer jobs exist in the U.S. that pay enough to live on. The local AFM chapters have become far less effective at securing work for their members. Musicians have been forced to become more self sufficient in terms of their marketing. While many of us have a handful of contractors and contacts that occasional supply us with work, very few of us get enough work to live off of by relying solely on others.

While our network is a means of security, it is not meant to replace the audition circuit, or union gigs. In fact, since LMC secures work for independently contracted musicians, they are welcome to file the work through their Local AFM chapters. Regardless of whether your goals involve winning an orchestra job, composing and arranging full time, performing in jazz clubs and wedding bands, or recording, LMC is a resource that can assist you in achieving your goals.

The aim of Live Music Consulting is to provide a network of musicians who can proactively supply each other with work, financial security, advice, and resources to ensure stability in a musical world that is rapidly changing. Millions of Patrons want to hear quality live music. Millions of Musicians want to perform live music. Live Music Consulting is the liaison between these two groups.

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"When words fail, music speaks."
- Hans Christian Andersen